1. Introduction

1.1. We will handle any returns, by You arising out of or in connection with the purchase by You of Goods from a Retail Partner on behalf of the Retail Partner according to The Hooch’s own Returns Policy set out below.

1.2. Should such claim escalate into being a dispute, although We are entitled to become involved in an attempt to resolve it, We are not obliged to do so and any disputes must be resolved between You and the relevant Retail Partner.

1.3. This policy applies to Goods bought via the App and/or Website. Nothing in this policy is intended to limit Your statutory rights in any way.

1.4. Terms, words and expressions contained in this Returns Policy shall have the meaning given to them in the Agreement which this Returns Policy forms part of.

2. Unwanted Goods

You may return unwanted Goods to Us, provided: 2.1.1. It is undamaged and unused with the original labels and stickers are still attached; 2.1.2. It is in the original packaging, which must be undamaged and in its original condition with all seals still intact (if applicable); 2.1.3. It is not missing any accessories or parts (if applicable); and 2.1.4. You have logged your return within 7 days of delivery, thereafter You may only return a Good if it is defective.

2.2. If You return Goods on the basis that they are unwanted in terms of the returns policy set out herein You will be responsible to pay Us a collection fee and restocking fee. This fee will be charged to Your Account and payable using Your Payment Information by being deducted from any payment made prior to refund.

2. Unwanted Goods

3.1 Should any Goods be damaged at the time of the delivery, please notify Us as soon as possible by email to

3.2 We will arrange to collect the damaged Goods from You at no charge. Once We have inspected the Goods and validated Your return, We will, at Your choice, replace the damaged Goods or refund You for the value of the damaged Goods.

4. Defective Goods

4.1 We do our best to ensure the Goods We deliver to You are of a high quality, and in good working order without defects.

4.2 Defects are classified as a material imperfection in the manufacture of Goods or any characteristic of Goods, which makes the Goods less acceptable than one would reasonably be entitled to expect in the circumstances.

4.3 It is important to note that The Hooch is under no legislative obligation to provide You with a credit, repair / replacement, as Your remedy lies with the Partner Retailer or manufacturer. However, since We want Your experience to be as good as possible. Accordingly, at Our discretion, We will arrange the collection of the defective Goods, repair / replacements, and refund You for the value of those Goods.